About Us

About Us

POSNiaga is a one-stop POS system solutions provider. We are passionate about creating an environment that is easy for SME businesses to thrive and grow with the proper systems and business solutions right at the tip of their fingers.

We want to create a platform for our clients to leverage on our online business solutions in order to expand their businesses conveniently and technologically. We have painstakingly created these solutions to be integrated with each other so that customers can add on to the features needed as and when they grow to the next level.

We understand that some systems may be complicated and take time to learn up, that is why we have created a system that is easy to use, plug and play but also fully equipped with every possible need. All our systems come with ample training materials as well as additional training classes that can help enhance our customers skills on running their businesses efficiently.

Our aim is to get businesses to understand the power and functionality of our POS systems. We also encourage POS Resellers to represent our products in order to get the word further faster. Together we can change the landscape or businesses in SEA.

What We Do

We are an Online Business Solutions provider specializing in POS systems that are integrated and growth oriented to create an ecosystem extensive enough for customers who want to head to the next level but simple enough for customers who are comfortable in maintaining a small operations.

Variety of POS products
Multi Channel Retailing
GST Tax Invoices
Online & Offline POS system
Real Time Updates
All information such as receipts, transactions, petty cash, invoices are post to server real time.
Multiple POS Terminals
User Design Reports

Our Partners

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