Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that you may have some questions. We strive to fully understand your needs and try to reply them here.
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Why BMO Point of Sales System?

BMO Point of Sales System is designed to work with major modules such as Simple Inventory System, Simple Membership System, Simple Client Relationship Management System, Bulk Email and SMS Marketing. BMO POS System is ideal for retailers who:

  • Want to increase data accuracy and speed up sales transaction process.
  • Want to manage and centralize customer information into one place.
  • Want to integrate with barcode scanner and/or a touch screen monitor.
  • Want to receive detailed reports of their daily sales and inventory items.
  • Want to generate various report for auditing purpose.
How is the BMO POS System different from my current POS System?
I am currently using a different POS system, how can I transfer my current database?
Which module does BMO Simple POSNiaga System work with?
How does BMO's Simple POSNiaga System handle inventory?
Are Permission Grouping available in the Simple POSNiaga system?
How many POS stations can BMO's Simple POSNiaga system run simultaneously?
Do I have to install each module separately, on the same computer as POSNiaga System?
Who do I call for support issues?
Do I need to purchase another copy of BMO POSNiaga System for other stations or branches?
What POSNiaga hardware do I need for BMO's POSNiaga system?
Will my POS System be outdated?
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